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Therapeutic Wellness with Shrooms

A Guided theraphy with magic mushrooms

Can psilocybin really have magic?

Eating something and getting smarter. Isn’t that science fiction? Apparently not.  MRI scans of patients who use psilocybin show hyper-connectivity and the creation of new neurological pathways.

Shroom safety guide

Shroom safety in a nutshell

Who are we?

We’re those that help others gain access to therapeutic medicines that may benefit your day to day life; So whether your looking to take a psychedelic trip or do inner soul searching, you’ve come to the right place! 

what are we about?

We’re all about the new psychedelic renaissance that’s happening right now, because this movement is all about spreading awareness of the potential use of psychedelic and plant medicines for therapeutic uses, where we are in favor of their responsible therapeutic use, and for personal growth and collective healing.

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